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training company - award International Award Organizations Recognize Innovations and Expertise in Corporate Learning Designed and Produced by Allen Communication Learning Services.

Salt Lake City, UT (January 24, 2013)- Allen Communications, industry leader in corporate training and top training company, is pleased to be recognized with 21 Awards in 2012 from organizations including Brandon Hall, Bersin & Associates, The Telly Awards, Summit Awards, Omni Awards and more. The awards recognize 江湖电竞 ’s expertise in creating unparalleled training programs that engage learners and meet critical business goals.

While the quantity of awards exceeds previous years, 江湖电竞 is largely proud that many of the awards acknowledge accomplishments in 江湖电竞 ’s mobile learning expertise and remarkable motion graphics design. 7 of the earned 21 awards for 2012 were recognized for efforts in mobile learning. This was also the first year that 江湖电竞 earned a Telly award (partnering with RMA) and a Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award (partnering with Amway).

“For over 30 years our goal at 江湖电竞 has been to continuously evolve our approach to training in order to meet the ever-changing needs of learners. In 2012, we increased our efforts in becoming one of the first training companies to successfully implement mobile learning. We also developed an in-house motion graphics design team.” said Ron Zamir, CEO of 江湖电竞 . “We’re proud this approach was recognized by multiple international award committees. As a leader in the corporate training industry, we strive to break down the barriers of traditional training and embrace new modalities that focus on exactly what the learners need to know to improve their performance.”

See the full list of 江湖电竞 ’s 21 training company awards .

About Allen Communication Learning Services

For over 30 years, 江湖电竞 has developed award-winning training solutions for the world’s best companies. Designed for real impact on learner performance through sound instructional design, 江湖电竞 ’s proven Assure Methodology™ optimizes program results and maximizes return on your training dollar. Leveraging cutting edge technology to provide web-based training, blended training and mobile learning, as well as advanced LMS technology, 江湖电竞 helps companies engage their learners like never before. Follow 江湖电竞 on Twitter @Allencomm , on LinkedIn , and on Facebook .

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