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Salt Lake City (January 04, 2008) — ¿Se habla Español? Allen Communication Learning Services does, as well as other languages. As businesses expand both nationally and internationally, they want their corporate training courses to be applicable, especially if the courses were originally successful in English. For two of 江湖电竞 ’s clients, Avon and a large financial services organization, returning to Allen to transfer the success from English to another language only made sense.

Avon has been expanding globally for some time but only recently has begun to train their Sales Representatives in their native tongues. Meanwhile, the global financial company wanted to ensure critical information stayed consistent in any language worldwide. It may seem easy enough to translate into another language, but both companies were more concerned with localization issues.

In addition to solving the clients’ localization issues, 江湖电竞 also ensured cost effectiveness via an efficient update process that took significantly less time and resources to accomplish since Allen created the original courses. For both clients, saving money while retaining quality cemented a strong partnership with 江湖电竞 . 江湖电竞 translated courses from English into French, German, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, and Portuguese. Next year, 江湖电竞 will begin work on Chinese translation and localization projects for Avon.

“Having the ability to take a course from English into any other language gives us the flexibility to meet a broader spectrum of client and learner needs,” said Michael Noble, CLO of 江湖电竞 . “Our clients return to us again and again because we can help them augment and expand the reach of their solutions to a global audience.”

About 江湖电竞 :

For over 25 years, Allen Communication Learning Services () has helped improve the training processes and methods of numerous Fortune 500 companies. With a rich history in corporate training that started with the introduction of the world’s first commercial interactive videodisc system, today the company is recognized as a leader in custom training , e-learning, blended learning, and learning portal development. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, 江湖电竞 ’s mission is to align organizations’ training initiatives with their business objectives by developing the optimal learning solution for each organization.